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      Proactive Care is the Future! At Elite Health we believe the best approach to healthcare is to be proactive, not reactive. You will be in the care of doctors, personal trainers, dietitians and professional medical staff who will design a solution for you. From digital body composition analysis, to personal training regimens, to personal diet plans… you will find all of your wellness needs in one stop.

      We pride ourselves in offering AFFORDABLE health and wellness services with unmatched quality and customer service. We know the value in a healthy lifestyle and the expense that can come with it so we have created a business model that keeps AFFORDABILITY and QUALITY at the forefront. We work with your insurance carriers to make sure you get all of the benefits you are paying for!

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      Doctors & Trainers On-Staff

      Elite Dietary Supplements!

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      Affordable, One-Stop Solution

      From digital body composition analysis, to personal training regimens, and a full supplement line… all in One-Stop.

      Personal Training

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      Elite personal training sessions are desigend to fit your needs and your schedule. Schedue an 1-on-1 wellness visit today.

      Body Composition Analysis

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      Elite Health’s Inbody 570 body composition analyzer is an excellent way to track your health and wellness progress. The text provides your skeletal muscle mass, body fat mass, body fat % and so much more!

      Personal Dietitian Services

      Elite Health’s registerd dietitian services provide you with a diet plan formulated for your needs and your lifestyle.

      Ready to Start Your Wellness Journey?

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      We now offer financing with Care Credit

      Elite Fitness & Lifestyle

      Elite Health might be a one-stop-shop for your health & fitness needs, but we don’t believe that one-size-fits-all. We offer personalized treatment programs designed for each client. Our services include a one-on-one consultation with one of our physicians, a complete body analysis with a breakdown of all vital statistics, a personalized training schedule and trainer, and a licensed, registered dietitian helping you maintain your new, healthy lifestyle.


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      Our Elite personal trainers and registered dietitians will develop a regimen just for you… paid for by your commercial insurance plan!


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      Elite Health has developed top of the line supplements to aid in your wellness journey. Fuel your Fire with Elite Health Supplements!

      B12 and Lipo Injections

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      Quick and easy injection therapies help you boost your immune system and make up for the nutrients your busy lifestyle might miss.