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At Elite Health we believe that the best wellness strategy is a proactive approach. We want to get you ahead of the game by getting to the healthiest version of yourself. That’s why we have a personal training program that is customized to fit our patients’ individual needs and specialized equipment to help us track your progress. If we can keep on top of our patient’s wellness, we can help prevent long term illness and disease. What are you waiting for? Take control of your health today!

Personal Training

health coaching

Join the wellness revolution! We are excited to announce a revolutionary new service at Elite Health. We are now able to offer personal training sessions that will be covered by your insurance plan! Our 1-on-1 wellness visits are covered by most insurances with no deductible & no copay (verification needed) *Commercial Insurance Only

Body Composition Analysis / InBody 570

body composition analysis

Elite Health & Infusion Therapy is now featuring the Inbody 570 body composition analyzer. We are 1 of 3 machines in the DFW area & the only one in downtown Ft. Worth! Whether you are a bariatric, cardiac, or diabetic patient or just a weekend warrior looking to level up, the Inbody 570 will help you reach your goals!


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Elite Health has worked to development top of the line supplements to aid in your wellness journey. Fuel your Fire with Elite Health Supplements!

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