Hair Restoration

Experiencing significant hair loss or noticing hair thinning can be very upsetting for men and women of any age and ultimately impacts quality of life. At Elite Health we offer platelet-rich fibrin matrix injections (PRFM), a non-surgical option for hair restoration. Using the platelets in your own blood, this treatment can stimulate hair growth leading to lasting results. Regrow your own hair and regain your confidence!

We offer a multi-modal approach to your personalized hair restoration treatment. Topical prescription grade hair solution prescription to compounding pharmacy, red light therapy treatment cap, and PRFM injection protocol. For more information on PRFM, visit our manufacturers website at Advanced PRP | Selphyl PRFM | United States 

Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM)

1. What is PRFM??

  • Naturally contained in whole blood are platelets, which plays an important role in your body’s natural healing process. These platelets contain crucial growth factors that stimulate tissue generation and repair. When the blood is purified to higher levels using the Selphyl PRFM process, the platelets become capable of releasing and sustaining growth factors for longer periods of time, providing the greatest healing benefits possible.

2. The science, how does it work?

  • PRFM is more effective than traditional PRP. Platelet-rich fibrin matrix is also more stable which allows it to last longer. PRP is usually only productive for about a day, but PRFM works to encourage healing and the promotion of growth factors for up to a week.
  • As platelets release growth factors angiogenesis is stimulated. Which is the process of developing new blood vessels. The fibrin matrix scaffold is created when calcium chloride is used so fibrin polymerization takes place. This clot or scaffold is a biologic connecter and supports growth factor migration and maintains a sustained release unlike traditional PRP preparations.

3. How is PRFM preparation different than PRP?

  • Key difference is a fibrin matrix is created using calcium chloride (special blood draw kit is used) which keeps the platelet viable and localized and plays a role in creation of a scaffold like biologic block. With PRFM the clotting cascade resumes where platelets remain viable with a controlled growth factor release that may last hours to days.

4. Conditions that can be treated:

  • Androgenetic alopecia (hair loss or pattern of baldness for men and women)
  • Facial cosmetics for dermal atrophy and collagen volume enhancement

5. What to expect the day of the procedure?

  • Blood is drawn from vein in the arm into PRFM collection syringe
  • Blood is then transferred into centrifuge system, takes 5-20 minutes
  • The concentrated PRP and recommended preparation is then injected into the scalp for hair restoration procedures or epidermal/dermal layers of skin for
    collagen volume enhancement.

6. What to expect after the procedure?

  • You get to go home the same day
  • The injection site maybe sore for a few days and up to 1 week at most.
  • Post Procedure recommendations may require a series of injections, you may be seen every 2 weeks initially or have recommendations for monthly injections
    for a series of 3 injections for the hair growth restoration treatment.
  • Typical follow up will be monthly then every 3 months and can transition to an as needed basis but you may return at any time for any questions or needs


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*Results may vary


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*Results may vary

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